Studio Ex Purgamento

"Not By Appointment Do We Meet Delight"


10th December 2017 - 21st January 2018

Opening Times: Sat & Sun - 11am to 6pm, Weekdays - the same but please call first: 07799 495549

Closed 23rd Dec. to 2nd Jan.

132D Camden Street, London NW1 0HY

The other potential title for this year's ExPurgamento winter exhibition (our fifth!) was Best Laid Plans. Gerald Massey (above) says it better: accident, serendipity, chance, mistake, unforeseen event, delight in the unexpected.

We will be showing work in all media from an international and interdisciplinary crew of artists, in which a chance occurrence became the decisive moment in the creation of an art work, or to put it another way: where the object itself intervened in no uncertain terms in the process of its own creation. You can't control life, it would be unreasonable and, which is a far greater crime, unforgivably dull to presume to control art. We're not entirely in charge, there is comfort in that.